Happy 2015!

I wish each and every one of you who stop by my site a happy, healthy New Year!  I do not post here as often as I should/would like so now is a great time to let you know you can follow me on instagram @suetirrell or as suetirrellceramics on Facebook!  I post new work and updates in those venues on a more regular basis.  This website is geared toward showing you a bit of what I do with functional and sculptural ceramics–if you have questions about my process or where to find my work please head over to the “contact” page and drop me a line!  Thanks for stopping by!

~SueRed Riding Hood Platter_SueTirrell_2014 Red Cape and Wolf 2014Black and White Rabbit Pots_14 Rabbit Bowls 2014 Owl Wine Cups for KOBO_SueTirrell_2014 White and Red Rabbit mugs 14White Rabbit Dessert PlatePoppy Cups 2014Black Pigs Lunch 14Horse Mugs 14

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